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Ask Ryley 1 :iconbellykid5:Bellykid5 2 0 Ask Ryley and Rosette :iconbellykid5:Bellykid5 2 2 Black Butler OC :iconbellykid5:Bellykid5 1 0
"Yo, Gilbert! You home?" You asked as you knocked on his door, hoping he would answer it fairly quickly. The reason why, was because you had your nephew/niece with you, and you defiantly needed the help with baby sitting him/her.
Said nephew/niece started to whine, "Cousin (Naaaaaaaame)! Why are we even here?"
You sighed heavily as you turned your head towards them and told them, "We're here so your um... Uncle Gilbert can go and help me babysit you."
"I don't even know why my mommy even is letting you babysit me, you're not even good at it." He/she sassed back. You started to grumble under your breath, "Just be quite you little brat."
Silently you prayed that Gilbert would open the God forsaken door before you just about punched the door down yourself. That was when the albino finally came downstairs and answered the door. He opened the door slowly, the breeze slightly opened the door more, as well as made his hair sway slightly. His red eyes lit up slightly as he saw it was you, a sm
:iconbellykid5:Bellykid5 45 26
Birthday Card for Cat :iconbellykid5:Bellykid5 5 17 Guatemala and Sydney :iconbellykid5:Bellykid5 4 23
EnglandXReader-I Dare You
Today was a normal day just like any other.  It was the day that you and the allies were getting together to play a nice friendly game of truth or dare; or at least what seemed like a friendly game, because everyone knows that whether you choose truth or dare, someone's going to get hurt.  You knew it wouldn't be you because you obviously had nothing to hide.  To be honest, you didn't even want to play this. The only reason you decided to join is because your best friend and secret crush, Arthur Kirkland was going to be there. Probably because Alfred forced him to.  You all sat around Alfred's hamburger shaped rug, and began the game.  You sat beside America, and he sat beside China, and he sat beside Russia, who sat beside France (and sat on Canada), and he sat beside England. (A/N: You can picture it in your mind...). You blushed a bit at how you basically sat beside England, and
:iconbellykid5:Bellykid5 32 12,304
AmericaXReader - The Perfect Day
You and your best friend Alfred were spending the day together.  Today you and him were at the arcade, playing a lot of cool games.  You've always sort of had feelings for your best friend, though you never had the courage to admit it since he seemed so oblivious to your obvious gestures, like when you laughed at all of his jokes even though they weren't that funny; you listened to him when he ranted about being at Arthur's place, and you even met Tony. Meeting Tony should've been the ultimate sign. But you never complained, you were happy enough just spending time with him.
"Haha! The hero prevails!" America shouted causing everyone in the arcade to turn and stare. 
You just shook your head and smiled at his victory.  "I guess you beat me again."
"Air hockey is my sport!  I'm a genius!" he gloated causing you to glare at him a bit.
"Oh come on I just let you win!" You shouted.
"Aww!  Are you
:iconbellykid5:Bellykid5 21 26
ItalyXReader - Awkward Meet
You were randomly strolling the beautiful streets of your town, for once being able to admire its beauty.  Sometimes you felt as if you never had time to do this because you were constantly inside your house doing things that had to be done.  You were lucky to have this as a bit of a "day off".  After a while you began to feel tired after walking for so long; you were too far from your home and you couldn't just lay down in the street.  Luckily there was a park nearby, you walked casually over to the park and sat on a bench near the entrance.  You covered your face with your (f/c) hat and took a little snooze.
An hour or so passed by and the sound of 2 people arguing woke you from your slumber.
"Vee, I told-a you fratello pasta is-a definitely better!"
"Oh shut up idiota, pasta is-a nothing compared to gelato."
"Aww, but you never agree with-a me!"
"I don't-a need to, I
:iconbellykid5:Bellykid5 29 21
Jurassic Heart-Markiplier :iconbellykid5:Bellykid5 27 46 Fullmetal Alchemist OC-Michelle :iconbellykid5:Bellykid5 2 4 GermanyXItaly Don't Go :iconbellykid5:Bellykid5 7 15 GMOD Poster :iconbellykid5:Bellykid5 18 12 RIP Tiny Box Tim :iconbellykid5:Bellykid5 153 95 Sushi Face :iconbellykid5:Bellykid5 47 31 Nikami Moto-Naruto OC :iconbellykid5:Bellykid5 6 0


The Adventures of Mini Ciel: Studying :iconlysssssa:Lysssssa 10 5 Markiplier :icononeangryginger:OneAngryGinger 4 3 FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood BG 1 :iconduskstar727:Duskstar727 2 0 Wilford Warfstache: Investigative Reporter :iconmercurial-acadia:Mercurial-Acadia 38 8
Lost Generation
I am the baby you once aborted
Because I got in the way
I am the child you once regretted
Who never could have a say
Alive, I was inconvenient
They shouted that it was your 'right'
'Anti-choicers' should be more 'tolerant'
Against your guilt you should fight
I am the child with genetic defects
You decided I wasn't worthwhile
In my quality of life I joined the rejects
In the anti-progress pile
I'm dead, so be unapologetic
While they will make the press
Ignoring eugenics, be to you sympathetic
Whilst I'm now a biochem mess
I am the son without his father
Because men 'no longer matter'
A mother or two can do the job, rather
They tell me it's so much better
I am the daughter without her mother
Apparently she was subhuman
Because of feminism, or something or other,
Her role can be done by a man
I am the child with identity confusion
Because a university theory
Said who I am is pure construction
So they'll tell me how I should be
We are the children who haven't a clue
As to if you care and w
:icondai-vee:dai-vee 32 32
the loneliness :icondragonlover786:dragonlover786 9 311 I Fucking Found It!!!!! :iconicefirethedragon11:icefirethedragon11 1 8 Bellykid5, human and penguin~ *gift* :iconhistory-and-pasta:History-and-pasta 8 397
Cut the Air
Cut my veins, cut my thighs
Can't you see the pain in my eyes?
Burn the hope, trash the dreams
All I do is cry and scream
Sorrow nights and despair
I hang myself in the air
Forget the life that I once had
I, as a whole, would never be glad
:iconmasqtics:Masqtics 4 2
Dr Moonpig Amnesia Thumbnail :iconprincejoel:PrinceJoel 1 0
I Quit
When the world is falling down on you and there's nothing you can ever do
You turn to your religion and you turn to your god, and only he or she can save you from what you've been through
It seems to be that way in all the households, it seems to be that way in camps and tentfolds
You want to seek your shelter, you run from helter skelter, but yet nobody in the world can help you
And still you think it's just a game
Some higher trophy or the hall of fame
Well, I've got news for you now, your soul is full of shame
You failed at everything and all you can say is "I quit"
Go on and do it now, nobody's stopping you, you only have a life to lose, but who would want to see?
Take the gun and shove it and pull a Buddy Dwyer, 'cause even if you kill yourself you'll suffer in hell (x2)
:icontheskull31:TheSkull31 7 12
Hetalia Japan brings sexyback in a tracksuit. :iconfrozencharm:frozencharm 9 3 When Japan throws a party in Hetalia. :iconfrozencharm:frozencharm 10 4 Hetalia Japan in Beautiful World ending credits. :iconfrozencharm:frozencharm 8 0


CountryXReader Inserts
I do CountryXReader inserts and I have an account on Fanfiction to prove that I do really good stories.
Base Work
I do more than just Hetalia, though I feel that I do well with bases so I  thought "what the heck?"
My first commission, I'm just trying it out to see what it's all about.


Hey everyone.  It's literally been almost a whole year since I've last written a journal.  Anyways, I want to start writing stories again.  I miss doing it and I love it a lot.  If you guys have any requests, please tell me.  I'll do anything from fiction, to fanfiction, to nonfiction, you name it.  Just tell me what you want a story about and I'll write it.  I think it'll be fun!
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Hey everyone.  It's literally been almost a whole year since I've last written a journal.  Anyways, I want to start writing stories again.  I miss doing it and I love it a lot.  If you guys have any requests, please tell me.  I'll do anything from fiction, to fanfiction, to nonfiction, you name it.  Just tell me what you want a story about and I'll write it.  I think it'll be fun!
  • Listening to: Youtube
  • Reading: Nada
  • Watching: My Computer
  • Playing: deviantART
  • Eating: -_-
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Bellykid5's Profile Picture
Forever Broken
I'm me and that's all I'll say. Sorry to disappoint you. If you ever need any help or need someone to talk to, just send me a message or note me. I don't like it when others are upset. It's sad. I'm pretty much always online and always willing to talk.
My Girlfriend: :iconshadalex1011:
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History-and-pasta Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2016  Student General Artist
((Hey dude, sorry it's been like, forever since I last replied. Life's been pretty busy lately, so it's okay if you don't reply to this for a while too. But I figured I would say hi and that I hope everything is going well for you. I miss you bro, and know that I still keep you in my prayers~ 


P.S. Happy (Belated) Birthday! You're another year older and wiser~ Thanks for being the awesome person that you are and always will be to me. c: ))
Bellykid5 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016
I've missed you too! I remember when we would rp 24/7. It was so much fun!
History-and-pasta Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2016  Student General Artist
Yeah, I remember those days. You honestly were a big influence when it came to Rp'ing. You were the first person I had ever Rp'd with... To think, it started with a picture of soup, haha! ^J^
I really have missed you! Seriously, how is everything? Everything been going good? 
Bellykid5 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2016
I've missed you a lot. I was able to get out of my abusive household which helped to improve my mood a bit.
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:woohoo: :party: :iconcakelickplz: !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :iconcakelickplz: :party: :woohoo:

It's October 2nd which means it's that time of the year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

Many well wishes and love from your friendly birthdays team :love:

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happy birthday!!
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Thank you!
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Happy birthday! :D
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Thanks so much!
History-and-pasta Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015  Student General Artist
Hey Oni-chan!
It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm sorry for not being on, thing's have been just busy these past few months. Haha, but enough about me, I wanna know how you're doing! Is everything going good in your classes? Have you gotten a chance to have some funny stories to tell? I really do hope you've been doing well. But if you haven't, just let me know, okay? Well, I best be going now, gotta get ready for a flight tomorrow ((Ah, Christmas eve :'D)). I wish you a happy holiday season, and if you celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas! Keep being awesome!

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